17 Informative Maps For Travelers

I’ve listed 20 maps that I feel will help aid travelers worldwide. These maps will help assist in making your travel experience a much safer and hopefully more entertaining one. I’ve also thrown in a few humorous ones too. I’ve tried to find the most recent versions of maps, however there are some that are a few years old. Hope you enjoy!

map 19
Prepare for longer lines at popular destinations & traffic jams
map 17
A good indication of what age group you see most
map 16
Muslim populations
map 14
Hate road congestion? This map will help you out
map 13
World’s most & least racially tolerant countries
map 12
This one’s for the females
map 11
I call this the “crazy drivers” map
map 9
Helps you choose a safe country to travel to
map 8
This map goes hand in hand with the previous map
map 7
Funny map for those that enjoy the spirits
map 6
Another population map
map 4
Can’t live without a Big Mac? This map will help
map 3
Religions of the world
map 2
Helps you determine how you might be treated in a country
map 1
Very interesting indeed
map 20
People crawl all over each other in these 10 cities
map 18
Help you to plan for possible conditions


JP Twitter Pic2Hi my name is JP Chartier and I write for Gutter Pup Adventures.com where you can expect to read well-written and entertaining articles about the people and places that often get overlooked at many popular vacation destinations around the world.





  1. I have to comment you for this ingenious idea. It’s a very interesting read and I’ll share this post on my social media. Extremely instructive for all of us. From what I can see, female trafficking is a world-wide problem. There is no safe haven!

    • Thanks Anda 🙂 I appreciate you sharing my article on your social media outlets. I was blown away when I first seen the map on female trafficking, how horrible! This is the new millennium for goodness sakes, one would think this type of thing wouldn’t be happening still, but it is. If I were female I’d always make sure to have someone with me when I was out & about, especially in the higher trafficking areas listed on the map.

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