Live A Life Of Travel – Voluntary Simplification

By JP Chartier

JP in Asheville

Live a life of travel by eliminating all the unnecessary stuff

We can all agree that travelling is expensive, and because of that fact, many of us never get past the dreaming stage. But if you really want to experience travel as bad as I did, then maybe it’s time you took some drastic changes. If you want it bad enough, it’s possible – just ask me! 

Voluntary Simplification is a growing trend populated by those who have said ENOUGH! Enough of the debt, enough of the accumulation of unneeded stuff, enough of the insanity of it all. They want an escape from the excesses that the modern world so readily provides. They have had enough of the clutter, enough of the debt, enough of all the distractions and the stress that come from the accumulation of so much unnecessary stuff.

These “enlightened” folks have realized a very important truth – more shit doesn’t equal more happiness. In fact, they have found quite the opposite is true –  less things in their life to worry about means more time to spend on what’s really important.

This growing trend isn’t necessarily born out of poverty, it comes from the understanding that more and more “stuff” will not put a smile on your face like the feeling of freedom you get by getting rid of it.

Something interesting has happened to me over the years, I have found that my desire to own less has become more valuable than actually owning less. In a society that promotes consumerism every chance it gets, the real battle for me was to remove myself from the incessant desire for more.

My camper & truck

I sold all of my belongings & purchased my new home – a 13′ camper!

One of the wonderful side-effects of minimalism that I’ve noticed is APPRECIATION. My appreciation level for everything has increased exponentially. I have found that when I do eat an extravagant meal or go somewhere fancy, my appreciation level is much higher than it previously was.

Here are a few areas of your life that can be minimized:

  1. Possessions
  2. Time commitments
  3. Debt
  4. Artificial ingredients/Processed foods
  5. Screen time
  6. Multitasking

I look at minimalism less about what I remove and more about what I add, like contentment, peace of mind and TRAVEL. I came to the realization that my life is far too valuable to waste chasing possessions and I hope yours is too!

Have you reached your tipping point yet? Are you finding it hard to breathe from the weight of all your possessions?

If you answered yes, then come on over to the other side, the “Less Is The New More” side, and start enjoying what’s really important in your life.

What are some of the ways that you have made travel possible? Share some of your secrets with us below.

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